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Archives for July 2010

StruCalc Server Downtime

Wednesday, July 28th, 2010, the area our servers are stored, experienced a large scale power surge. At this time we do not know if this caused the server crash or some other unrelated event. We assure you that StruCalc technicians are working night and day to restore service as soon as possible. 100% uptime is impossible to guarantee and we take pride in the fact that to this date we have had only two days of downtime in the almost two years that StruCalc 8.0 has been online.

In the meantime, let me answer some general questions that our tech support staff is receiving:

1. Does this mean I cannot access my software or projects while your servers are down?

Absolutely not! StruCalc was developed with full knowledge that this type of even may occur. StruCalc retains a 30 day license on your local machine in case your internet or our servers go down. In this case when you open StruCalc you will see a variation of this picture –


Simply click the “Click Here If You Agree” link and continue using StruCalc as usual.

2. When I run StruCalc it says my license is expired!

Some users may be seeing the picture below –


Unfortunately, this means your computer was not connected to the internet in the last 30 days and therefore can not run off its license. Rest assured that StruCalc technicians will contact you as soon as you can begin to use your license.

In the worst cases, those being where user’s were not connected to the internet in the first place, users may be required to be sent a new serial number and download a patch in the coming week to restore there service. This will be as painless as the original installation was.

3. I have ordered StruCalc 8.0 or am trying to register a free trial and can not open the software?

During the server downtime event no new orders can be processed or free trials registered. We will release new purchases as soon as possible and if you were in the middle of a free trial or were trying to download a free trial, please contact our sales line at the number below for a free extension to a 30 day free trial as soon as the servers are online.

We are truly sorry for anyone experiencing a disruption of services. New management is taking drastic steps to ensure that in the future downtime like this will be less painful for every one of our users and ensure that the length of the downtime is guaranteed not to last as long as this.

Adam Wilson
StruCalc, Inc.

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StruCalc Announces New Ownership

StruCalc is pleased to announce that an agreement has been completed expanding the ownership of the company to include the lead developers of the software. Adam Wilson and James DiNardo have joined founder Pete Bambe in a new ownership arrangement designed to allow StruCalc, Inc. to accelerate its innovative product development plans.

What does this mean for you today?

To all of our loyal users, we would like to extend our thanks and gratitude for your commitment to our product which has provided the growth opportunity our company has enjoyed.

During the tumultuous financial cycle of the past two years, like all businesses, it has been difficult for StruCalc to maintain its growth rate and the pace of development to which you have become accustomed.

It is our intent that under this new ownership arrangement, our loyal users will start to see the immediate impact of the new company’s development power in soon to be released upgrades to our current version 8.0. This upgrade will address many of the features missing from StruCalc 8.0 that you were accustomed to in StruCalc 7.0.

Development will also begin on new features for StruCalc 8.0 that were planned for development before the current economic conditions took hold. Please look forward to these exciting upgrades to be available at no charge delivered via download to our existing users in the next few months. As a user you will experience no loss of service or additional fees for StruCalc 8.0 or for a previous version you are currently using.

What does this mean for the future of StruCalc?

The expanded management team at StruCalc heartily thanks our users that took the time to fill out our survey sent earlier this spring. We have diligently reviewed your responses to formulate a plan for future development that is designed to address your most pressing needs on a priority basis.

It was clear from the responses we received that a majority of the users of StruCalc desire new features, not an expansion of existing features. As engineers and designers we understand the effect the current building crisis has had on our industry and realize that parts of the country may not return to pre-recession business levels for quite some time.

However, as the economy recovers and creates new opportunities for our users and to make future StruCalc developments economically viable for everyone, we have committed to developing and distributing a modular version of StruCalc 8.0, to be called StruCalc Pro, which will allow our users to select from a menu of features that fit their business needs and not investing in features that do not add value to your business. This is keeping with our tradition of expansion as the industry requires it but not forgetting that there are many small engineering shops out there that require access to easy to use software at a reasonable price, and not be charged for major features they will not need.

This new version will include the current core beam, column, and footing design modules and include several new and improved features at its release. Additionally new niche products will be available as modular plug-ins to this new platform. This will allow you to create your own custom program that fits your needs exactly, saving you time and money since you only pay for what you need.
We anticipate releasing multiple new products in the coming years, with StruCalc Pro coming in spring of 2011. We are looking forward to once again providing the products you will need as the market gains momentum opening up opportunities for us all, and again thank to all of you, our loyal users for your continued support of StruCalc.

We remain committed to providing intuitive, low cost, software solutions to make your business more profitable.

Adam Wilson
StruCalc, Inc.

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