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Archives for August 2010

StruCalc Service Restored

Thank you for all those who were understanding during the last week of service interruption. We are happy to announce StruCalc servers are back up and running.

If your license got invalidated you may need to unlock your software once again. This is simply done by entering the serial number you received with your original order and renewing your license. This should only affect a small number of users. If you require assistance please call our sales line at 1-800-279-1353 starting Monday August 9th at 8AM PST. The servers were rebuilt with zero data loss, however some licenses that were past the 30 day expiration date could have been cleared by their own computers and need to be re-registered with the server.

We have taken drastic actions to beef up our backup systems so that a crash of this magnitude will not happen again in the future. Also, to answer the number one question users have had in the last week which was “What are you going to do to ensure this doesn’t happen again?”

First, only a small number of users were affected negatively, these are the ones who were caught in the “hadn’t connected in 30 days license expiration”. For those users we are extremely sorry for your lost productivity time and appreciate you continuing to use our software to meet all your design needs.

Secondly, we will be sending an email with updates that will arrive in the next patch that reduces the security control that StruCalc maintains. While the current system was deployed to reduce serious piracy issues, the new owners remain committed to evolving with user demands and needs. This will be apparent in the next patch where many new features are added that were available in previous versions of StruCalc, as well as the new security options which will let users maintain their own level of internet connectivity.

Again thank you all and we here at StruCalc look forward to developing new and exciting features for all of you.

Adam Wilson
StruCalc, Inc.

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