After listening to user feedback we have finally been able to change our internet licensing policy to something much less restrictive than was previously in place. For the small amount of overall users who caught in the server crash a few months back and also for those who gave us feedback in our StruCalc survey sent last spring we have listened.

Due to immense online piracy and theft we must have some security in place, otherwise our company would go out of business, and none of our loyal customers would get to continue using StruCalc either. Please keep this in mind when you run into security issues and res assurred that we will always keep our loyal users needs first and fix them in as timely manner as possible.

That being said, StruCalc 8.0.102 has been released and is a full security patch that allows YOU to decide how you want StruCalc to keep it’s license up to do date. We have given you the ability to unlock and register and then disable the internet for up to 1 full year. For security reasons we couldn’t let it go any longer than this.

Read further to see how these new and exciting features work…

First you need to install the patch which is easiest to do through the program, when it next launches it should prompt you to install the new patch or you can download it and run it directly from our website at

After installing the new version 8.0.102 you will see on the bottom toolbar a new button –

StruCalc License Info

 If you mouseover as I have done in this picture you will get information as to the status of your license. As this was a fresh installation I have a full year before I have to connect back to the internet. You can then click this button or using the menu go to Settings > License. This will bring you to a new exciting License interface that allows you to manage the internet connection capabilities of StruCalc.

StruCalc License Settings

On the upper left is the new Disable Internet box. If you select this box and hit Save Changes near the bottom StruCalc will no longer check the internet everytime you open the program. You will see a quickstart up screen flash and then the program will start running. Other features of this screen are the Internet Connection bar which shows you if you are connected to the internet as well as expiration information for your current license. If your license has expired you can come to this screen, enable the internet, and then hit Renew Licenses Now to get another year of use without requiring the internet as long as your license is still valid.

We hope this meets our user requests as closely as possible and that is as intuitive as we try to make all StruCalc features. Please feel free to call our technical support line at anytime if you are having trouble with your license 1-541-753-6112.

Stay posted soon for some new features that are coming to StruCalc 8.0 at no additional charge to our current users!

Adam Wilson, President
StruCalc, Inc.