StruCalc 8.0.105 is available here

New Features!
Print Project Summary
A Summary is now printed before you do an entire Print Project. This was due to high user demand and we hope to hear some feedback from you soon on how we chose to implement this. To enable this feature go to Main Menu > Utilities > Settings > Printer and select the checkbox for Print Project Summary.
Enter proxy settings from inside the software
Another user requested new feature that is geared to our larger client base.
Uplift Calculations have been added to Footings
Uplift calculations have now been enabled for all footings other than continuous. Once you upgrade to version 8.0.104 you can navigate to Main Menu > Utilities > Settings > Options where you will find the new uplift calc referred to as Footing Uplift Factor of Safety. This factor can be adjusted and saved as you see fit. The default StruCalc settings is 1.5.
Once you are designing footings with the new version you will see a new section on the print preview that displays the Uplift Resistance based on you Factor of Safety

User Interface Updates
Project name shows up in window button when you minimize
Clear load buttons can now be cancelled
Printing Options include turning off the printing of Notes
Footing labels retain their correct name when switching between shapes
Footing and Column print outs have been updated extensively
Footing & Column printout allows printing large loading diagram
Footing printout now supports settings change from shrinkage to flexural steel
Printing pdf docs only requires one save and one print
Glulam labeling is now correct for fb+ and fb-
Rafter loading area printout updated
Project Manager updated to print correct changes to the NDS

Conservative Bug Updates
Fixed punching shear calculations for plain concrete footings for small footings
Modified steel angle calculations and print outs to match current code
Fixed deflection output for VMD diagram when using steel angles
Fixed shear calculation bug introduced in version 1.03

We thank you for continuing use of StruCalc and hope you stay tuned for future free patches and upcoming news on our next release!

Adam Wilson, President
StruCalc, Inc.