The next version of the beta has been released today. If you are using StruCalc or higher when you open then program it will ask you to install the new version. If you are still using an earlier version of the beta program please uninstall all 9.0 products from your machine and then install the latest patch from here.

StruCalc Updates Include

2013 California Building Code Added!!!

Embedded Post in Column Module

  • Updated and improved printouts showing much more of the design information on the final print preview
  • Verified engineering calculations for all cases
  • Added Allowable Lateral Soil Bearing Pressure to be doubled in a Non-Constrained design per AISC Design 1806.3.4
  • Added required Depth of Embedment to the design screen when a footing fails

Saving New Members

  • A user found bug that was losing design information when closing out new tabs in certain instances was updated

Roof Beam

  • New point load is now enabled

Multi-Loaded Multi-Span Beam Module

  • When using cantilevered ends the loads on the center span are no longer lost on save/retrieve

Pressure Treated Members

  • When using the incising factor and a pressure treated wood species it now reflects that on the printouts

Project Manager

  • Updating the building codes for entire StruCalc 8.0 projects is now allowed in the Project Manager in 9.0 to the new building codes

Roof Rafter

  • Printing issues have been addressed


  • Printing issues have been addressed

2012 Building Code Updates

  • NDS 15.4-2 for Glulam columns is now in the program
  • Wood column calculations where a Y-axis side loading with Kf factor < 1 check was not using the correct code Fce calculation for the X-axis check. This only affected built up columns and has been updated.

Known Issues

  • The Hip Beam Module engineering calculations have been verified for all use without the support wall features. If you are using the support wall features and have any concerns please send us your project files as we are currently in the middle of stringent testing on this new feature. Currently, we don’t recommend this feature is used for professional design work without hand calculations to verify the results.
  • Intermediate support’s have been shown in some cases to not appear correctly in the loading diagram. This is being addressed.
  • The Adequacy Bar sometimes does not auto disappear. To fix this click the thumb pin in the corner twice.