StruCalc 10.0 for Windows Beta version is now available. We are releasing licenses in the order they are requested slowly at this time. Please contact me directly if you are interested in a beta license. Note that this beta will automatically upgrade to the public final version when it is released.

Here are the two latest features in StruCalc 10. The long awaited point load on the Collar Tie module has been completed. We have also enabled the continuous footing on the Footing Module to work with distributed loads in Load Tracker. We believe these two new exciting features will help our users in their designs immensely.

The point load on the Collar Tie Module

The Load Tracker for distributed loads on the Continuous Footing Module Beta Features

  • 2015 National Design Specification
  • Wall Design Module
  • Roof Rafter Module
  • Load Tracker Included Beta Features

  • Logo Updated
  • The SQL Error on the unlocking screen has been updated
  • The Wall Module link from the File Menu is updated
  • The About screen has been updated
  • Saved projects now have the correct 10.0 Projects on them instead of 9.0 Projects
  • The Cantilever labels on the Floor Joist Module now correctly hide/unhide
  • The labels on the Wall Module are now locating correctly on different sized screens
  • The Hip Beam Module Loading Diagram now correctly displays
  • The Floor Joist Module is now correctly saving/retrieving
  • The Start Page text is no longer being overwritten when opening a Hip Beam
  • During installation the auto-unlock feature now requires a computer description to be added
  • The Distance From Collar Tie box on the Collar Tie Module is now saving/retrieving Beta Features

  • Updated Wall Module Axial Load Calculator
  • Updated Wall Module Axial Loads now auto update
  • Updated Wall Loads can no longer be used as point loads in Load Tracker
  • Updated Wall Module project file
  • Updated Wall Module Load Tracker Calculator
  • Updated Wall Module Summary Report
  • Updated Wall Module Print Project
  • Updated Floor Joist Load Tracker Calculator
  • Updated Floor Joist Summary Report
  • Updated Floor Joist Print Project
  • Updated Floor Joist printout calculated length for partially distributed loads
  • Updated Roof Rafter so all reactions can be used in Load Tracker
  • Updated Roof Rafter Print Project
  • Updated Column Print Project
  • Updated Footing Print Project
  • Updated Footing Continuous Footing Printout
  • Updated Footing Continuous Summary Printout
  • Updated Footing now deletes load trackers when switching to Continuous footing from other types
  • Updated All Modules Load Load Trackers Below now loads even with no Load Trackers Above
  • Updated Collar Tie Module error message for NDS 3.9.2 equation 3.9-3
  • NEW! Collar Tie Module now has a point load
  • Fixed Load Tracker Loading Diagram Roof Rafter not drawing correctly
  • Fixed bug when Wall Loads were connected to Continuous Footings no longer deletes Load Trackers
  • Fixed bug in Wall Module calculations. The column self weight is no longer included in the calculations and printouts but should be included as part of the Wall Dead Weight design
  • Fixed bug when switching between different types of footings which are opened back to back

NOTE: Wall and Footing designs built in will not work correctly in or later versions due to modifcations that were required. Please email me directly if you would like instructions on how to update these files to work in the newer version.

Thank you for your interest and support in StruCalc for Windows

Adam Wilson
StruCalc Development Team