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StruCalc Free Trial

Download Free Trial Version

StruCalc now lets potential users download and demo the full software for 30 days with no purchase required. This is a no restrictions full license of the software. All it requires is a short online registration process that we will show you here.

Better yet, after using the trial if you decide to purchase the software all you have to do is call and order it, re-starting the currently installed trial version will then give you full, unlimited access. It’s that easy.

How to Register a StruCalc Free Trial

1. First download a demo version from here and then install the software on the computer you want to run it on. After installation, locate the desktop shortcut and run the software

2. After initializing StruCalc will open to this screen – Please click Click Here to Run StruCalc Demo or Get a Free Trial

3. On this next screen choose Request Trial

4. Enter your information on the registration form including a valid email and then hit Next

5. Click OK if you agree on this pop up box

6. StruCalc will then register if you have a valid internet connection and show you its Disclaimer you can then enter the full program by clicking Click Here if you Agree

7. Once you are in the program you will get the start page and will notice on the top left each time you open the software it will come straight to this screen and display the expiration date of your trial.