Strucalc Database Editor

StruCalc version 8.0.108 came with some amazing new database updates! To ensure that all our previous users can also receive these updates without losing their custom values StruCalc has developed the Database Editor. Below are some common questions that can be answered about this new software that is free to all StruCalc users. Note that the Database Editor, like future versions of StruCalc will require Microsoft .Net Framework 4.0. Make sure you have the full version installed not just the Client version of the framework. As this is a Microsoft product be sure to download and install the framework using Microsoft Internet Explorer.

Download the Database Editor


1. If I upgrade my old installation of StruCalc with a patch do I need to run the database editor?

Not necessarily. If you upgrade from an older version than 8.0.108 and you haven’t made any modifications to your StruCalc database then the patch will update your database automatically.

2. What if I have custom values in my database, how do I update my database without losing them?

This is what the database editor is for. By installing and running the database editor against your StruCalc database you will receive all the updates without losing changes you have made to your core StruCalc database.

3. How do I keep from losing my custom entered database values and/or other edits I have made through StruCalc using the Material’s Editor?

The only way to lose updates you have made to your StruCalc database is to un-install the program without making a copy of your database beforehand. Neither a StruCalc patch, nor a StruCalc Database Edit will erase any custom work you have done on your database.

4. I have installed and run the Database Editor but do not seem to have any of the updates?

Ensure that the database editor is installed to the same directory as your StruCalc installation and that under each program’s settings both of the programs are directed to the same DBEditor.mdb location.

For more information please contact our technical support department at 1-800-279-1353 or