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Where every new user of StruCalc should start. A brief overview of the newest interface by software developer Adam Wilson.

StruCalc 10 Features

StruCalc 10.0 is the latest release of the StruCalc design software. Watch this video to get an in depth look at the new features that have been added.

StruCalc 10.0 Main Features

StruCalc 10.0 is the latest version of the easy to use structural analysis software tool that aids in the analysis and design of beams, columns, footings, collar ties and walls using wood, steel and manufactured lumber.

Uniformly Loaded Floor Beam

StruCalc Uniformly Loaded Floor Beam Module

Roof Beam

StruCalc Roof Beam Module

Combination Roof and Floor Beam

StruCalc Combination Roof and Floor Beam Module

Multi Loaded Multi Span Beam

StruCalc Multi Loaded Multi Span Beam Module

Multi Span Floor Beam

StruCalc Multi Span Floor Beam Module

Multi Span Roof Beam

StruCalc Multi Span Roof Beam Module

Floor Joist

StruCalc Floor Joist Module

Roof Rafter

StruCalc Roof Rafter

Column Module

The StruCalc Column Module

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News and Articles

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Customer Support

Welcome to the StruCalc Technical Support page. We have tried to create the most intuitive and easy to learn structural program available but we realize that there will always be questions that cannot be answered by reading the manual. In order to provide the highest level of technical support possible we have broken our support options into parts.

For the quickest and most effective technical support please use our new partner FreshDesk. Simply click the link and create an account to start sending our technical support technicians tickets.

Email Support

As always you can email any questions to techelp@strucalc.com and receive free answers to your questions from a licensed professional engineer.  Please use “StruCalc Technical Support” in the Subject line. We will attempt to reply within two to three business days if possible.

Support Policy

All purchasers of our software receive immediate access to our basic tech support email line techelp@strucalc.com, online tutorials, in-program help features, free manual downloads, and computer/installation support. Basic support is valid for as long as you use our program. You will have access to one of our professional engineers and programmers on our technical support hotline who will strive to assist you in using StruCalc, project design questions, Windows support, and optimizing design time with professional engineering hints and tricks as well as access to any free downloads we release.

Office Hours

Monday-Friday 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM Pacific Standard Time

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StruCalc 8.0 Beta Video

As we get closer to the release I will start publishing links to the new online tutorials. This is the first of the series done today with the beta version of the software. I thought this would be useful to those users who already own the program and are thinking about upgrading to get to see the new interface in action. It is much easier and quicker to use.

Also, if you are thinking about purchasing StruCalc this is a video of the version you will receive for FREE when you purchase a license of StruCalc 7.0. Hopefully you can see how big the difference is in the new program.

Watch the video here

Thanks again and keep watching we are getting very close.

Adam Wilson
StruCalc Development Team

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Collar Tie Design Preview

It has been awhile since we posted any development progress so I thought I’d drop by and give you guys an update. Rest assured this doesn’t mean we haven’t been working as hard as always it’s just a long process!

This is a sneak peek of StruCalc’s newest design module just integrated yesterday. The new Collar Tie Design Module is the newest form of user input in StruCalc 8.0. We put the controls on the diagrams so you know exactly what and where to enter the correct information to make your designs quick and accurate.

I shrank the screenshot down so you can also see StruCalc 8.0’s full new interface. All the familiar controls are in a left hand navigation bar allowing quicker and easier access to all the information for your current member. No more multiple forms here! It’s all in one place on one screen. Some video’s coming shortly will highlight the new navigation and design process that truly makes StruCalc 8.0 the next generation of engineering software.

As you can see the collar tie allows inputting of the rafter dimensions, a ridge point load, a roof live and dead load, roof pitch, bracing applied to the bottom of rafters, and a double eave live load. The properties of the rafters can be designed on the left hand bar and after choosing a placement for the tie StruCalc will calculate the size and type of collar tie the user needs for an adequate design. It also will give the information needed to correctly design the connection.

We hope everyone is as excited as we are about the new interface and design features. Our productivity has certainly increased since we started using the new program and we know your’s will to. Keep us posted with your great feedback we enjoy hearing from our users and look for some very exciting news in the next two weeks!

Adam Wilson
StruCalc Development Team

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Structural Engineering Software Features & Benefits

Structural Engineering Software Features and Benefits

There are many features and benefits of structural engineering software. It has revolutionized the building industry, making structures more stable and the engineer’s job easier. Structural engineering software is indispensible in today’s fast-paced world of construction.

The Must-Haves of Designing Software

The features of structural engineering software include rafter design, beam design, column design and placement, and footing calculations, to name a few. Structural engineering software eliminates tedious mathematical calculations. It also ensures that your calculations are accurate, creating a safe and stable structural design.

Structural engineering software provides on-the fly calculations for last minute changes in construction design. These quick calculations make structural engineering software a must-have attendee at brainstorming meetings and progress report conferences.

Structural engineering software helps the engineer identify any potential problems in the design of a structure before construction begins. The software never skips a step or forgets a calculation.

What Our Software Can Do For You and Your Clients

Structural engineering software performs calculations quickly and accurately, freeing up engineers, builders, and designers for other tasks. This also allows the engineer to concentrate on the analysis of the model, instead of the calculations required for construction and design. Structural engineering software also includes a massive database of local and regional building codes to ensure that each structure is up to code and built properly the first time. With built-in building code references, an engineer can even refigure building codes for another location if the project suddenly is moved across state lines. The included steel design values database makes industrial applications a breeze. This eliminates delays, revisions and fines from improperly coded construction.

Structural engineers armed with structural engineering software can leave behind those bulky manuals and books of tables. Structural engineering software offers immediate access to valuable information, on-site and off. Gone are pencil scratched calculations made on dusty scraps of paper at construction sites. Structural engineering software can easily become the structural engineer’s right hand.

Structural engineering software has helped bring the structural engineering and construction industries into the twenty-first century. Not only has structural engineering software made the engineer’s life easier, it has made created and revised structures safer. The investment in structural engineering software is returned often in the first use, with the resulting reduction in time and labor. Structural engineering software is an indispensible tool for today’s structural engineer.

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