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What is StruCalc?

StruCalc 10.0 is the next generation of structural analysis software. The intuitive interface combined with the power to design multiple span members using steel, wood, flitch beams or manufactured lumber propels StruCalc ahead of the competition.

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  • Steel Angle design-braced or unbraced with leg up or down.
  • Cantilever column design
  • Fully customizable database-add or remove materials and control what sizes appear in StruCalc
  • Round member design
  • Multi-span I-joist design
  • 2006 building codes
  • 2005 NDS values
  • 2005 AISC Steel values

More Features

  • Loading diagram now scales to show relative load strengths.
  • Added Two partially distributed loads to the column module
  • Added a second wall load to the floor joist module
  • Can now change the building code for an entire project
  • Autosize by double clicking on the desired value
  • multiple steel plates for Flitch beam design
  • Button to clear all inputs in the multi-loaded beam module
  • Copy Autosize options to Notes at end of Calculations
  • Set default grades or steel shapes

Includes Ten Design Modules

Multiple Span Analysis with Increased Loading Options

  • Up to three spans with cantilevered ends
  • Six point loads per span
  • Four trapezoidal loads per span
  • One uniform live and dead load per span

Rectangular and continuous footing design

  • Sizes and specifies reinforcement
  • Load calculator assists in load determination
  • Specify column type (Steel, wood, concrete or masonry)
  • Design for overburden pressure

Laterally loaded column design

  • Stud wall design
  • cantilever column design
  • Structural Composite lumber columns
  • Deflection criteria for laterally loaded columns
  • Design for vertical and lateral loads
  • Up to three lateral point loads
  • One lateral uniform load
  • Multiple laminated solid sawn columns

Multi-span Hip beam design

Shear, moment, and deflection diagrams

  • View diagrams for all load cases
  • Determine values at any point along a beam

Negative loads

Improved loading diagram

Tube steel beams in all beam modules

Wide flange steel columns

User notes on print-outs

Built in translator to open StruCalc 5.0 files

Comprehensive Material Database

  • Solid Sawn lumber from the 91, 97, 01 and 05 NDS
  • All Available Glulam Combinations including new NDS Stress Class’s
  • Structural Composite Lumber from six Manufacturers
  • Wide Flange Steel beams and Columns (five shapes)
  • Equal Leg Single Angle design
  • Tube Steel Beams and Columns
  • I-Joists from six Manufacturers
  • Flitch beam design with solid sawn or structural composite side members

All major Building codes

  • Use any year NDS with any Building Code
  • 2006 International Building Code
  • 2006 International Residential Code
  • 2003 International Building Code
  • 2003 International Residential Code
  • 2001 California Building Code
  • 2000 International Building Code
  • 2000 International Residential Code
  • 98 International One and Two Family Dwelling Code
  • 94 and 97 Uniform Building Code
  • 94, 97, and 99 Standard Building Code
  • 93, 96, and 99 BOCA National Building Code
  • 95 CABO One and Two Family Dwelling Code

Generic Design Abilities

  • Design beams, columns, joists, and concrete footings
  • Choose materials, species, grades and sizes from vast database
  • Easily bring up tables of stress values for groups of design materials
  • Input your own custom values and materials to design with!
  • Set deflection criteria’s, duration factors, and notch depth’s
  • Use our auto-sizer to quickly view multiple design solutions
  • View loading and shear, moment, deflection diagrams of your designs
  • Apply area reduction in floor design modules
  • Apply snow loads in roof design modules
  • Quickly print, save, and email using .pdf’s

Building Codes

  • 2006 International Building Code
  • 2007 California Building Code
  • 2005 National Design Specification
  • Plus 15 Legacy Building Codes!

Design Modules

  • Uniformly Loaded Floor Beam
  • Simple span floor beam with one uniform load

Roof Beam

  • Simple span roof beam

Combination Roof & Floor Beam

  • Simple span beam with roof and floor loads

Multi-Loaded Multi-Span Beam

  • Input up to 3 spans, with 2 cantilever
  • Add 6 point loads, and 4 trapezoidal loads per span
  • Use the trap load wizard to add quickly add multi-span loads and auto calculate interior reaction loads

Multi-Span Floor Beam

  • Up to 3 spans with 2 cantilevers
  • One point load per span

Multi-Span Roof Beam

  • Up to 3 spans with 2 cantilevers
  • One point load per span

Floor Joist

  • Up to 3 spans with 2 cantilevers
  • Design with I-Joists
  • Two wall loads and one partially distributed load per span
  • Moment of Inertia increases for glued and screwed plywood
  • Apply the code required concentrated load for commercial design

Roof Rafter

  • Simple span with one cantilever eave
  • Design with I-Joists
  • Add peak and base notching calculations

Column Design Module

  • Stud Wall Design
  • Laterally Loaded Columns
    • Has a uniform load, 3- point loads and 2 partially distributed lateral loads
  • Built-up columns

Footing Design Module

  • Rectangular, continuous and square footings
  • Calculate reinforced or non-reinforced footings (plain)
  • Load calculator auto sets your live and dead loads!
  • Add soil surcharge over footing

Building Materials

  • Solid Sawn Lumber
    • All 2005 NDS solid sawn wood species and grades
    • Choose western or southern types
    • Design with round lumber for log homes!
    • Create MEL/MSR lumber
  • Glulams
    • All 2005 NDS glulam wood species and grades
    • Choose western or southern types
  • Structural Composite
    • APA EWS LVL Stress Classes
    • Boise Cascade
    • Georgia Pacific
    • iLevel Trus Joist
    • International Paper
    • Louisiana Pacific
    • Pacific Woodtech
    • Roseburg Forest Products
  • I-Joists
    • APA EWS LVL Stress Classes
    • Boise Cascade
    • Georgia Pacific
    • iLevel Trus Joist
    • International Paper
    • Lousiana Pacific
    • Pacific Woodtech
    • Roseburg Forest Products
  • Steel
    • All AISC 13th Edition Steel Shapes & Calculations (W, M, S, HP, C, MC, L)
    • Use equal and unequal steel angles
  • Tube Steel
    • Rectangular
    • Round
    • Square
    • Design beams and columns
  • Plus Enter your own custom materials!

Flitch Beams

  • Solid Sawn & Structural Composite Beams
  • Choose flitch plate width
  • Choose flitch plate width
  • Build multi-material composite wood flitch plates!

Hip/Valley Beams

  • Individual or linked roof pitch
  • Individual or linked side length
  • Auto-calc the slope adjusted beam length
  • Add an intermediate support for a two span beam
  • Cantilever hip beam with point load at cantilever end

Loading Diagram

  • Quickly view 2-d scaled models of your beams, columns, and footings
  • Mouse interaction with models allows quick access to detailed loading information

Shear, Moment & Deflection Diagrams

  • Calculate and view controlling shear, moment, and deflection at specifc points of your beam for specific load cases
  • Project Manager
  • Save time by quickly copying designed members from project to project to cut down on repetitive work!
  • Quickly and easily search and update version 5, 6, & 7.0 project files to StruCalc 8.0
  • Printing
  • Print Previews
  • Each designed member prints to one professional page including a loading diagram and all associated calculations and conclusions
  • Quickly print, save to .pdf, or auto-email to client’s and building officials your calculated members
  • Do the same printing and email features with entire projects full of individual members in seconds!