Flitch beams are available options to design with in each of the following StruCalc  modules:

  • Uniformly Loaded Floor Beam
  • Roof Beam
  • Combination Roof And Floor Beam
  • Multi-Loaded Multi-Span Beam
  • Multi-Span Floor Beam
  • Multi-Span Roof Beam

StruCalc gives the option of designing a flitch beam with either solid sawn lumber or structural composite lumber.  Switching to the flitch beam option is as easy as switching to design with glulams or solid sawn beams.

First select either a Solid Sawn or Structural Composite flitch beam from the material drop down menu:

Flitch Beam 1

StruCalc then loads the details toolbar with the available flitch beam options. These are the same for both solid sawn and structural composite lumber:

Flitch Beam 2

StruCalc allows for flitch beams with up to three steel plates and five solid sawn or structural composite lumber plies.  The depth of the steel plate is set at the depth of the solid sawn or structural composite member.

When designing a multi-span flitch beam StruCalc does require that the top of the beam be fully braced to resist lateral buckling.  This can typically be achieved just by the floor framing.  Floor joists at 16 inches on center should be considered fully braced.

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