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Feature Requests


1:12 pm
July 27, 2009


New Member

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I am a new user and I really like strucalc but I would like to mention a couple of things that I think would make strucalc better.

First, I would like to see more deflection information listed in the adequacy flyout for beams.  The percentages that are listed really aren't any use to me, other than letting me know it passed.  I would like to see the actual deflection listed in this flyout so that I can determine for myself if a beam is acceptable.  I would also like to see the actual deflection “L” value listed as well.  I would like to see the beam reactions shown here as well.  Whenever I design a beam, I am looking at 5 issues:  does it pass in moment, shear, and deflection? what is the actual deflection?  what is the deflection “L” value?  What are the beam reactions?  Currently a user has to go to multiple forms to get this information, or use print preview which takes a relatively long time to pull up (6 to 7 seconds whereas the flyout window is almost immediate).  If this process has to be repeated multiple times with multiple beams on multiple projects, there is a lot of time that is wasted opening forms instead of analyzing beam data.

The second issue/item I have (but isn't as big an issue as the previously stated one), would be that I would like to have a total load data box.  I would like to see this in addition to the live load and dead load data boxes.  When calculating the beam loads I sometimes just deal with the total loads.  It would be nice to be able to enter the total load, then enter the value of live or dead load and have strucalc fill-in the remaining live or dead load criteria.

To sum it all up, I think strucalc is really nice program, and I think the developers did a really nice job, but I think if these two issues are addressed, it would be PERFECT for what I use it for.

Thanks for your time guys!

6:00 pm
July 27, 2009

Mac Morgan

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I agree totally with Brown91.

If the application is doing the math anyway, why is it not showing all the results on the same screen?

Is there is plans for being able to size repetive member framed walls using metal & wood values taking into account axial and lateral wind loading? If this was added, I could use just StruCalc for all my work.

This is a small thing but in the footing design module, why do you have to tab through all values in order for the required results to be updated?

Now that I know this forum is around, I'll post more wish list items later. You'll probably learn to hate me.

Kudo's for the advancments in Strucalc 8. It's great, but not perfect….yet.

2:06 pm
July 29, 2009


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Anyone checking this forum?

4:48 pm
October 21, 2009

Adam Wilson


Corvallis, OR

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Thank you all for your patience. We have been experiencing forum issues and will have one of our P.E's get back to you soon to answer your questions in full. If you would like you can contact them directly at 1-800-279-1353.

8:26 am
November 16, 2009

Stability Engineering


Corvallis, Oregon

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I  apologize for the delay in responding. The original plan with the pop up at the bottom was to incorporate more information so for the most part it wouldn't be necessary to go the the print preview.  We will hopefully add some additional info down there in a future release.

And in response to the second post, StruCalc will design an axial loaded stud wall with a perpendicular wind loading.  There is actually a video on the column page that will walk you through the features.

In the footing module you can actually just click the “=” sign in order to get it to update.

James DiNardo, P.E. Stability Engineering, Inc.

10:53 pm
November 18, 2009


New Member

Eugene, OR

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I would like to see the program provide options for multiple members for collar ties and rafters in the collar tie module.



8:08 am
January 9, 2010


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Are there plans to increase the number of spans for a continuous beam?  I have used Strucalc for several years but I am finding more instances where I need to design beams with more than three spans.

11:05 am
January 11, 2010


New Member

Eugene, OR

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In the collar tie module, on the left hand side design, I can type in any size I want for the rafters.  In the center design diagram, I can not type in any size for the collar tie.  Could you change the module to allow one to type in any size collar tie member?

2:59 pm
January 18, 2010

Adam Wilson


Corvallis, OR

posts 20


Dr. Harris,

At this time StruCalc has no plans of expanding the design modules into more than 3 spans as this particular set of modules is geared to a specific market of users. The demand for more structural engineering features is being noticed and StruCalc is looking into expanding or partnering to offer these features to it's user's in future updates. If any of these types of options are going to become available we would make sure our users knew about it well in advance. At this juncture it doesn't seem anything will happen while the 2009 IBC is in effect, so most likely not the next two years.

1:41 am
June 12, 2010



posts 6


Multi-Loaded / Multi-span beam options:

I would like to see an option to have two separate loads be classified under different duration factors.  For example, I could have a uniform live and dead floor load with a duration of 1.0, and a point load from a roof at a duration of 1.25.



4:07 pm
July 5, 2010

Adam Wilson


Corvallis, OR

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Todd thanks for your ideas. I am forwarding this on to the head of engineering design. He should get back to you soon on whether our software can do this.

11:23 am
May 2, 2012


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I would like to see a global code update option. Many of the projects I work on are uesd again and again. tha ability to open a project and have the option to updat the code in every analisys would be a huge time saver.


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