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Frequently Asked Questions for StruCalc 5.0

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Q. I cannot print the loading and/or shear and moment diagrams and I have an HP Printer connected to my PC using a USB cable. Can this be fixed?
A. This has been an ongoing problem with the HP USB printer drivers and StruCalc 5.0, the problem has been fixed in StruCalc 6.0. We are currently attempting to convince HP to fix their driver problems and hopefully this will happen in the near future. We have been successful in updating the drivers for some series of DeskJet’s, specifically the 810-812 series, enabling them to print the diagrams. If you have one of these printers please go to the HP website and download the latest driver and the supplemental USB removal program and follow the directions for removing and installing the new driver. We have been unsuccessful with the DeskJet 840C series printers. If you have one of these printers your only current option is to connect your printer to your computer using a standard parallel printer cable and install the non-USB printer driver.
Q. Can I open previous StruCalc designs in StruCalc 5.0?
A. No. We suggest you keep StruCalc 4.0 on your computer until you no longer need to open previous designs.