Frequently Asked Questions for StruCalc 8.0

Q. When I attempt to run the installation I receive an Error 1722 and the installation quits prematurely.

A. Error 1722 is a corrupted font on your local pc. This problem only occurs in StruCalc version 8.0.92 and earlier. If you are receiving this error you are attempting to install an old version of StruCalc. Simply go to the downloads page and download the newest version of StruCalc and this error will dissappear.

Q. I am trying to install and run StruCalc on a computer for a limited or power user on Windows XP or Vista. When I try to run the software as the user the program attempts to re-install the software and then crashes due to the user not having administrator access.

A. These are the installation instructions for installing on computers or domain servers where your users do not have full administrative rights.

1. Login as the local admin

2. Add/Remove any StruCalc 8.0 software that may have been previously installed on the PC

3. Download the latest version and install it on the PC as the local admin

4. Be sure during installation to use the for all user option

5. After installation follow the unlocking instructions in the original email the user received

6. If the software unlocks and opens to a Click Here if You Agree link then continue

7. Click the link and open the software

8. The software is now unlocked you may close it

9. To verify it is installed correctly if you re-run the software it should bypass the login screen completely and simply open

10. Now for your limited users on the PC

11. The error is in the shortcut that is created in the All Users folder for the PC

12. As the local admin go in and delete the created shortcut in the desktop for all users folder

13. Create a new shortcut in the All Users folder manually referencing the .exe file on the PC

14. Login as a limited user and run the software from the shortcut

15. It should open to the main program without stopping at the login screen.

Q. I can install the software completely but when I run the software I get a System.Net.WebException error and I can not open the software or unlock it.

A. This error is caused by two things. One is you do not have an open internet connection on the computer. Start your internet and then try to re-run the software. If you are running behind a proxy server you will need to call technical support at 1-541-753-6112. If you do not have this type of a configuration, know that your internet is working correctly, and still can no unlock the software please call the support line.

Q. I am a single user and want one license of the software. How many computers can I install it on?

A. StruCalc is allowed for 1 user on 2 computers. Additional licenses can be purchased to allow for more computers or more users. However, each additional license only allows for one additional installation.

Q. I would like to use StruCalc 8.0 but do not have internet access.

A. StruCalc 8.0 requires the internet to unlock and also to check for updates once every 30 days. It does not require constant connectivity but will turn off if it doesn’t receive an active internet connection before the 30 days is up. This is the way it was designed to run and allows us to ensure our users are constantly using the latest engineering design principles. We are currently developing a non-internet version of the software but do not yet have a release date for it available.

Q. When I try to open a design module I get a System.OleDB error and then I can not select materials to design with.

A. This is generally a corrupted database or a corrupted database engine on your local PC. This error is best fixed by talking to a support representative at 1-541-753-6112.

Q. When I try to run the StruCalc installation file I get a Windows error that says it can not read the .msi file.

A. This means there is a problem with StruCalc and the windows installer on your computer. Download and install the latest version of Windows Installer and/or run a version of Microsoft’s Windows Installer Debug Tool

Q. When I try to run the installation I get a Windows error StruCalc requires Microsoft.Net Framework 2.0 to run.

A. Download this file and run it on your computer. It is a Windows file that is compatible with Windows 2000 and XP. This file should not appear if you are running Vista.

Q. Do I need a previous version of StruCalc installed to install and run my StruCalc 8.0. Or, do I need to remove previous versions of StruCalc to run StruCalc 8.0.

A. StruCalc 8.0 is a stand-alone program and it does not matter if you have previous versions of StruCalc installed. It will also install on its own with no previous information installed.

Q. I can not find the in program help file for StruCalc 8.0.

A. The help file is currently being upgraded to be compatible with Windows Vista. It will appear in a patch soon. For now if you have any questions please call our support line with any questions you may have free of charge at 1-541-753-6112.

Q. I ordered a CD and Manual of StruCalc 8.0 but have only received the web downloadable version.

A. The CD and manual are being printed and will be available soon. All users who have placed this order will be notified when the shipping date is released.