Beam Adequacy Icons

A thorough analysis of these three types of imported beams can be found in the Importing My First MiTek Job Walkthrough. The three icons represent the three different scenarios that can happen when a MiTek member is imported. The first is that the beam is adequate and ready to be exported to StruCalc, this is the green icon.

The second is that the beam imported correctly but there are warnings associated with the beam, this is the yellow icon.


These warnings can be viewed in the Warning List located as the third list down on the main screen. Depending on the warnings you must make a decision on whether to redesign your member and re-import it, or import it as is into StruCalc. i.e.

The last icon type is the red icon.


This icon means the member was imported correctly but the member design is inadequate. You can verify why the member is inadequate by looking at the Print Preview associated with the member. You can then decide to go back and redesign the member in MiTek before importing, or import the inadequate beam into StruCalc and make design changes there.

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