Converting Point Loads to Uniform Loads

In this example you can see there are four point loads, located at location 1, 2, 3, and 4. Each of these point loads has a Dead and Live component to it. On further inspection you will notice two additional loads: Combined Point Live Loads and Combined Point Dead Loads.


These are Importer created condensed versions of the four point loads. In any case where more than two point loads are located equidistant from each other, in this case 1 foot or 12 inches, StruCalc will convert the point loads to a single uniform trap load. This is a more logical and easier to read format, it also saves space in StruCalc for other point loads that are not part of an O.C. Spacing design.

StruCalc uses the formula (uniform trap load (plf)= point load (lb) * 12 (in) / On center spacing (in)) to calculate the Live and Dead Load components of the condensed trap load. In the StruCalc Converted Load Information you will see a single trap load created from the two Combined Point Load components from the imported MiTek members. The Print Preview will then also have a single trap load instead of the 4 point loads. Note that the trap load is extended 1/2 * O.C. Spacing from the beginning of the first point load and the end of the last point load.


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