Exporting a Job to StruCalc

Exporting into StruCalc is a very easy process. Once you have reviewed all your imported members based on their print previews and icons you simply have to decide which members are going to be imported. This is done with the checkbox located next to each member.

Adequate members are automatically selected during the import. Yellow members and red members are not automatically selected. If you wish to import these members as they are designed simply select them before going to the final export step.

To make things easier a Select All and Deselect All are located in the menu under Members

Once you have selected your preferred members to import into a StruCalc project use the File > Export To StruCalc

The export is generally fairly quick after which you will see a success message

Now that you have seen how to generally use the program we will show some specific special cases and detail how StruCalc will handle them during an import from a MiTek Job. Continue to Analyzing Beams With More Than Three Spans Walkthrough