Opening a MiTek Job

Access the program from your computer a licensing screen will open up

If successful you should see your StruCalc Customer ID and Serial Number and then hit OK to continue. This will open the MiTek Importer up to the main screen

If you receive a database error at this point such as this

Please review the Setting Up My MiTek Database Walkthrough

Open File > Import MiTek Job

Navigate to the MiTek Job file you wish to open and select it. This file has to be in the format of .xml and have been previously exported from Mitek Sapphire Structure. After selecting the file to be opened the status bar in the bottom left of your main screen will indicate how long you have until the file is done importing.

After the import is finished you will have an open MiTek Job looking like the below screen with the left side filled with the imported members from your Job

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