Selecting A New Material

Sometimes when importing materials, especially if you use custom materials in your MiTek Sapphire Structure software, you will get a warning

This means the material you designed with in MiTek is not allowed in StruCalc. Luckily, there is an easy way to select a comparable material that is available and continue on importing your Job to StruCalc.

Select the member that has the warning on the left hand side in the Member List

Then go to Utilities> Select Material

The main Material Selection screen will appear, start by selecting either Beams or Joists as shown in the screen below. If you are modifying a Column or Post these options will be replaced with just Columns.

Next select a Material from the far left list

Then a species

Then finally a grade

Finally above the grade list Click Here to Return Selected Material. Note that this area of the screen will give you directions as you click through the lists, and that your current selection is always highlighted in the top title bar of the form so you know exactly what you currently have selected. Once you click to return you will be taken back to the main screen. Here your member should be recalculated with your new material. Check out the print preview for it to verify the changes were saved.