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StruCalcâ„¢ is easy to use and will pay for itself on one project!

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Main Design Interface

StruCalc Main Design Screen

New Single Page Output

Single Page Print Out

Materials Editor

StruCalc Material's Editor

14th Edition Steel Output

14th Edition Steel Output

Loading Diagrams

New Interactive Loading Diagram

Shear/Moment/Defl. Diagrams

New Interactive Shear/Moment/Deflection Diagrams

Footing Design

StruCalc Footing Design

Uniformly Loaded Floor Beam

Uniformly Loaded Floor Beam Design

Roof Beam

Roof Beam Design

Combination Roof and Floor

Combination Roof and Floor Beam Design

Multi-Loaded Multi-Span Beam

Multi-Loaded Multi-Span Beam Design

Multi-Span Floor Beam

Multi-Span Floor Beam Design

Multi-Span Roof Beam

Multi-Span Roof Beam Design

Floor Joist

Floor Joist Design

Roof Rafter

Roof Rafter Design

Column Design


Hip Beam Design

NEW! Hip Beam Design Module

Collar Tie

Collar Tie Design Module

Wall Design

NEW! Wall Design Module

Framing Module

NEW! Framing Module