New Features

StruCalc 7.0 StruCalc 8.0 StruCalc 9.0
2015 IBC and IRC Code Upgrades
New Hip Beam Module including rafter support walls
Added a Point Load input  to the Floor Beam Module
Added a Point Load input to the  Roof Beam Module
Multi Loaded  Beam Module has a Dynamic  Loading Diagram
Embedded Post Design featue added to the Column module
Updates Southern Pine Stress Grade modifications
Collar Tie Design
Cantilever Hip Beams w/point loads
2009 International Building Code
2010 California Building Code
Round Footings
Unequal Leg Steel Angles
Web Stiffener for I-Joists
Print, Save, Email to .pdf
Single screen adaptable interface
Legacy project mass upgrade wizard
Painless automatic online registration
Works with concurrent license Server Application
Up to the minute News, Features, & Sales ticker
Revised single page print outs Add your own logo!
Interactive Loading Diagram
New Features Still Coming!
Stud Wall Design
Set default wood grade or steel shapes
Equal Leg Steel Angles
AISC 13th Edition Steel Values
Round lumber design
Scalable Loading Diagram
Stud Wall Design
Wide Flange Steel Columns
Rectangular & Continuous Footings
Hip/Valley Beam
Custom Material’s Editor
2006 International Building Code
2005 National Desig Specification
2007 California Building Code
Reads legacy project files
Phone/Email unlocking feature
Flitch Beam
Cantilever Columns
Laterally Loaded Columns
Shear, Moment, Deflection Diagram
Mass print entire projects
Solid Sawn
Structural Composite
Tube Steel
Uniformly Loaded Floor Beam
Roof Beam
Combination Roof and Floor Beam
Multi-Loaded Multi-Span Beam
Multi-Span Floor Beam
Multi-Span Roof Beam
Floor Joist
Roof Rafter
Multi-Span (3) Analysis
Autosize beams
Loading Diagram
Square Footings