StruCalc 10.0 is announced. The beta version will be available August 2016 with the public release scheduled for September 6th. To become a beta tester please email Contrary to previous discussions StruCalc will not be going to a subscription based service at this time. The prices for StruCalc 10.0 will not change from StruCalc 9.0. That’s right we are not increasing prices at all with the latest version. Even though StruCalc 10.0 will include, free of charge, unlimited use of the revolutionary design tool StruCalc Load Tracker. We have made these decisions to benefit our current users as well as potential users. These decisions were made based on discussions with current users and are in part due to the current building economy.

This is not a comprehensive list. However, these features are guaranteed to be delivered in StruCalc 10.0. Additional development will be done before/after the launch and we will definitely continue to develop and add features at no additional charge into Strucalc 10.0 just as we did with StruCalc 9.0. We will update this post as new features become available.

  • FREE! StruCalc Load Tracker will be included free of charge with every license
  • 2015 National Design Specification
  • NEW! Wall Design Module
  • NEW! Framing Settings allows for custom default Live and Dead Loads
  • Uniformly Loaded Floor Beam, Roof Beam, and Combination Roof and Floor Beam will all now have 3 Point Load inputs
  • Roof Rafter will be expanded with four options. 1 span + eave, 2 Spans + Eave, 1 Span + 2 Eaves, and 3 spans.
  • Incisor Factor Settings for applying pressure treated settings to wood designs
  • All Modules will have Active Loading Diagrams like the Multi-Loaded Multi-Span Beam module
  • Numerous other user requested changes to interface and GUI of the program

If you have any questions please fee free to call us at 1-800-279-1353.

Adam Wilson
StruCalc Development Team