The wall design module is a powerful new feature that will be added to StruCalc 10.0. It will replace the existing Stud Design in the Column Module. It has many new features that allow you to design wall assemblies from 1 to 3 floors in height to support vertical loads from roof and floor framing members combined with stresses from potential lateral loads of wind and seismic forces.

You will be able to calculate the vertical loads on walls using easy to use tributary widths similar to the beam modules in StruCalc.  You can also use Load Tracker to input the vertical loads from previously designed structural elements.

Once you have these vertical loads determined, StruCalc will perform the calculations necessary to determine if the wall framing will resist the combination of stresses from both vertical and lateral loads.

After the wall is designed, you will be able to use Load Tracker, which is included at no additional charge in StruCalc 10.0, to transfer these wall loads to the support elements below including beams, joists, walls  as well as continuous footings.

Here is a sneak preview of the new design module. It has an exciting new look, with an easy to use and intuitive interface, much like the existing Roof Rafter and Collar Tie design modules. The graphic and inputs are dynamic, changing depending on the number of floors you are designing. The graphic also displays inputs to visually enhance your design experience.

Click the thumbnail to view the entire design module.

Thank you and we hope you are as excited about StruCalc 10.0 as we are. Feel free to contact me with any questions you have about current development or this new module.

Adam Wilson
StruCalc Development Team