StruCalc has released a free patch to the software. Included in this release is a 30-Day FREE Trial of Load Tracker. Just go through the setup after installation and start using it immediately!

  • Added 30 Day Free Trial for new users including Load Tracker
  • Added 30 Day Free Trial of Load Tracker for existing 9.0 users
  • Fixed Auto Calc bug that was doubling Load Tracker’s on loads
  • Fixed Loading Diagram bug that wasn’t showing all Reaction’s when designing a cantilevered beam
  • Repetitive Use now saving on Column Module
  • Repetitive Use checkbox on Column Module no longer disappears
  • Stud Design Column now saving/retrieving correctly
  • Solid Sawn Stud Design Column now Auto Sizing without an error message
  • Embedded Post now calculating correctly
  • Quicksave on Toolbar now asks if you want to overwrite an existing file

Adam Wilson

StruCalc Development Team