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StruCalc Lite

StruCalc Lite is the newest offering from StruCalc software. In response to a user demand for a better, lower priced, design software than what is available on the market today we have developed and released StruCalc Lite in the latest patch of the software.

At a cost of just $149.00 per license you get full and immediate access to software designed by professional engineers that includes all the latest building codes and design specifications, even the 14th Edition Steel Manual!

StruCalc Lite runs on the same system as the full system so that at anytime if you want access to the full feature list of StruCalc it’s simply a phone call and restart of your software away.

So whether you’re looking for an entry level price to get things up and running or know you only need limited use of a professional structural engineering tool StruCalc Lite is the new market leader.

Here is a comprehensive list of the features that have been disabled in StruCalc Lite:

  • Load Tracker
  • Footing Module
  • Collar Tie Module
  • Multi-Span Floor Beam
  • Multi-Span Roof Beam
  • Lateral Loads on columns except in stud walls
  • Project Printing
  • Shear/Moment/Deflection Diagrams
  • Beam End Elevation in Multi-Loaded Multi-Span Beam
  • Cantilevered Hip Beams and Point Loads on Hip Beams
  • Various other small design areas that are for professional designers
  • Customizing the materials database

StruCalc Lite becomes the leader in lower priced beam design software. Allowing multi-span analysis of differing lengths, offering the largest available database of design materials, with the best and easiest to use interface and printouts yet seen in the design industry. The registration process is quick and easy and when you feel you need more power the upgrade process is very simpe to the full version.

So order online today or call at 1-800-279-1353 we can answer any questions you may have about what you will get with the Lite version.