This is the official StruCalc Patch Notes page please check in often to see what changes have been made to your program and also be sure to always install patches that are available on the login screen.

StruCalc – 06/13/2017

  • 90-Day Temporary version with no internet registration required
  • Fixed Bug Hip Beam Save/Retrieve on LL & DL at Cantilever End
  • Fixed Bug Hip Beam Print Preview Error Adjusted Beam Length inaccurate for Hip Beam with intermediate support
  • Fixed Bug Hip Beam Print Preview Error Unbraced Span-Bottom of Beam inaccurate for Hip Beam with intermediate support
  • Fixed Bug Hip Beam Calc Error Unbraced Span-Bottom inaccurate for Hip Beam with intermediate support
  • Fixed Bug in shear calculations for all beams
  • Print Project throws an error message if there is an inadequate design in the project
  • Fixed Bug in Beam Modules where Round members did not print correctly in Print Project
  • Fixed Bug where you couldn’t save your window state as maximized


  • Fixed NDS bug


  • Fixed bug in column module when opening a saved column
  • Fixed bug that allowed beam calculations to run with invalid sizes when using Construction grade lumber
  • Fixed bug Southern Pine Floor Joist and Roof Rafter not Auto-Sizing


  • QUICKHELP updates for design module buttons
  • Fixed Bug where cantilever option disappears after saving and reopening a design
  • #2 Southern Pine now showing up in Materials Editor
  • Fixed bug in single and 2-span i-joist designs with bearing lengths
  • Fixed bug in Floor Joist Print Preview was not showing if Wall Load’s came from Load Tracker
  • Fixed bug in MLMS Print Preview was not showing if Uniform Load’s came from Load Tracker
  • 2012 NDS Updates
  • StruCalc now remembers its location when closed, including support for multiple monitors
  • Fixed bug in Wall module O.C. Spacing when returning an AutoSize selection
  • Disable Internet Check at Startup now saving/retrieving
  • Embedded Post now saving/retrieving


  • Major Southern Pine Update
  • Updated all LVL & Joists values in database
  • Adding Bearing Length to Floor Joist and Roof Rafter Modules
  • Added Multi-Span Combination Roof and Floor Beam Module
  • Added new large HP Steel Shapes
  • Fixed autosizing flitch plates
  • Hip Beam saving/retrieving unbraced length bottom
  • Added User Created Load Tracker
  • Fixed bug that allowed user to enter uplift on footings
  • Fixed bug that allowed user to enter uplift on columns
  • Fixed bug that was sometimes locking the collar tie to the top plate
  • Adjusted print preview to not show loading if there was no corresponsing tributary width in some modules
  • Fixed bug in Loading Diagram where clicking loads only displayed the self weight of the beam
  • Fixed bug in Multi Span Floor and Roof Beam where active loading diagram was not updating correctly
  • Fixed a bug in the Continuous Footing Print Preview where the width required label was in2 instead of ft
  • Trap Wizard on MLMS is back
  • Save/Retrieve the Default Loading on MLMS
  • Repetitive Use Factor back on MLMS
  • Added new startup videos for new users
  • Updated database with Glulam size values to stop Database Corruption errors
  • Fixed bug in prx update on Combination Roof and Floor Beam
  • Fixed bug where the gobal setting for drawing User Notes on printouts was not saving
  • Added deck option default loading to ULFB, MSFB, FJ Modules


  • Launched the license manager
  • Batch Importer for .pr8 to .prx (this was a big one and user requested)
  • Made user requested updates to individual import process from .pr8 to .prx
  • Updated Modulus of Elasticity value for Steel/Tube Steel on Column printouts to display in thousands of kips instead of kips. The calculation’s were not affected by this.
  • Updated Zy to equal Zx for Square and Round Tube Steel on printouts. The calculations were not affected by this.
  • Updated Column Negative Lateral Loads – Columns were not allowing negative lateral loading
  • Removed negative axial loading on columns capability
  • Updates to Trial version registration – we can now track usage statistics on people who have registered the free trial
  • Set Default New Collar Tie spacing to 24″ O.C.
  • Fixed Unbraced Length Bottom Display issue with Collar Tie Print Preview
  • Changed how the bracing in the Collar Tie module lengths are calculated
  • Fixed display issue with Collar Tie Reaction’s (Reaction A and B)


  • Added 3-Point Loads on ULFB, RB, CRFB
  • Updated Foot-Inch conversions in text boxes for each Module
  • Optimized some design module’s to fit better on a 15″ Laptop Monitor
  • Added Cancel out of Load Tracker Calculate Project
  • Added 3×6 T&G Decking = 7.6 Added to Sheathing Dropdown
  • Added Florida Building Code – Modeled after 2015 IBC
  • Added 2016 California Building Code
  • Ctrl+Shift+F5 now opens the Framing Module
  • Incisor Factor now working with 2015 NDS
  • Updated Global Setting for NDS 3.4.3
  • Added Global Settings for Wall Design Module


  • Update to fix error when opening a design module


  • Removed Settings screen saying Load Tracker would expire. Load Tracker is a part of StruCalc 10.0 and will never expire.
  • Fixed bug in Uniformly Loaded Floor Beam Module that wasn’t loading the design name
  • Added printing for Framing Module
  • Added project defaults for use with the Framing Module
  • Added Framing Module link to upper Design Modules Menu
  • Updated shortcuts keys in upper Design Modules Menu
  • Updated Help Menu Shortcuts
  • Removed some bad links in program


  • Updated Wall Module interface
  • Updated Active Loading Diagrams


  • Added Framing Module
  • Finished icon update


  • Updated Wall Module Axial Load Calculator
  • Updated Wall Module Axial Loads now auto update
  • Updated Wall Loads can no longer be used as point loads in Load Tracker
  • Updated Wall Module project file
  • Updated Wall Module Load Tracker Calculator
  • Updated Wall Module Summary Report
  • Updated Wall Module Print Project
  • Updated Floor Joist Load Tracker Calculator
  • Updated Floor Joist Summary Report
  • Updated Floor Joist Print Project
  • Updated Floor Joist printout calculated length for partially distributed loads
  • Updated Roof Rafter so all reactions can be used in Load Tracker
  • Updated Roof Rafter Print Project
  • Updated Column Print Project
  • Updated Footing Print Project
  • Updated Footing Continuous Footing Printout
  • Updated Footing Continuous Summary Printout
  • Updated Footing now deletes load trackers when switching to Continuous footing from other types
  • Updated All Modules Load Load Trackers Below now loads even with no Load Trackers Above
  • Updated Collar Tie Module error message for NDS 3.9.2 equation 3.9-3
  • Updated Collar Tie Module with point load
  • Fixed Load Tracker Loading Diagram Roof Rafter not drawing correctly
  • Fixed bug when Wall Loads were connected to Continuous Footings no longer deletes Load Trackers
  • Fixed bug in Wall Module calculations. The column self weight is no longer included
    in the calculations and printouts but should be included
    as part of the Wall Dead Weight design
  • Fixed bug when switching between different types of footings which are opened back to back

StruCalc – 06/20/2017

  • Updates to saving/retrieving on Multi Loaded Multi Span Beam Module

StruCalc – 06/13/2017

  • Updates to Footing Diagram overlap issues
  • Updates to Footing Module interface
  • MSR Lumber updated in Column Module
  • Updated the Embedded Post label
  • Updated Modulus of Elasticity label on Column printouts
  • Fixed display issue with Collar Tie Reaction’s
  • Updated Column module negative lateral loads
  • Fixed flitch plate autosize not working
  • Updated Column module Dx/Dy labels to be more descriptive
  • Updated Continuous Footing printout width required label
  • Hip Beam Cantilever support saving/retrieving issue resolved
  • Hip Beam saving/retrieving on LL & DL at Cantilever end issue resolved
  • Updates to Hip Beam printouts adjusted beam length
  • Updates to Hip Beam printouts for unbraced span bottom length
  • Fixed bug in Hip Beam unbraced span-bottom
  • Returned the repetitive use checkbox to the MLMS module
  • Fixed bug in shear calculations for all beams
  • Print Project now throws a warning message if there is an inadequate design
  • Fixed round member beam modules printing issue in Print Project

StruCalc – 12/11/2015

  • Added 30 Day Free Trial for new users including Load Tracker
  • Added 30 Day Free Trial of Load Tracker for existing 9.0 users
  • Fixed Auto Calc bug that was doubling Load Tracker’s on loads
  • Fixed Loading Diagram bug that wasn’t showing all Reaction’s when designing a cantilevered beam
  • Repetitive Use now saving on Column Module
  • Repetitive Use checkbox on Column Module no longer disappears
  • Stud Design Column now saving/retrieving correctly
  • Solid Sawn Stud Design Column now Auto Sizing without an error message
  • Embedded Post now calculating correctly
  • Quicksave on Toolbar now asks if you want to overwrite an existing file

StruCalc – 12/04/2015

  • Materials Editor sometimes losing Solid Sawn and Glulam species is now fixed
  • Design modules opening up with a 0.00 duration factor when a project was opened fixed
  • There was not an error with the LoadTracker in there was simply a messagebox stating if you didn’t have it. We have removed this message on startup
  • Security Upgrade added
  • Default Loading on MLMS module now saves beam type

StruCalc – 12/01/2015

  • View/Delete Dialog Box Error fixed when deleting all the existing Load Trackers
  • Deleting all Load Trackers on a load now sets that loads inputs to zero
  • Loads on Print Preview now show whether they are user-inputted or Load Tracker’s
  • When updating a .pr8 file from the Recent Projects list to .prx if you cancel the update the .pr8 file remains in your Recent Projects list
  • New setting now available for Repetitive User Factor for NDS 4.3.9
  • Materials Editor, Project Manager, and Start Page no longer show a save button
  • Materials Editor and Project Manager now always open without crashing in certain instances
  • Switching between modules no longer makes you lose your Wet/Dry settings with Solid Sawn or Glulam materials.
  • Fixed Trapezoidal Loads on Print Outs running over on Right Live Load and Right Dead Load
  • Multi Span Roof and Floor Beam now open correctly when you have a zero span on the right or left
  • When printing a large VMD Diagram and large Loading Diagram together the VMD Diagram now formats correctly

StruCalc – Not publicly released

  • Added New Setting for Defaulting Roof Design Modules to either Snow or Non-Snow region
  • New Default Deflection Criteria box has been added to the MLMS design module
  • Print Preview Logo Bug has been fixed
  • I-Joist error “Can not find column Sort” fixed

StruCalc – Not publicly released

  • Load Tracker Security & Licensing
  • Auto Calculator no longer opening multiples of inadequate members

StruCalc – Not publicly released

  • Cannot Find Column Sort error is fixed
  • Assorted errors with the View Above and Below Load Trackers have been fixed
  • Trap Wizard for long beams with short eaves is now working
  • Repetitive Use Factor for Beams is added to the settings
  • Repetitive Use Checkbox is removed from the MLMS design module
  • Updated Tech Support number to 541-230-1666

StruCalc – Not publicly released

  • Project Manager now stays focused on open project
  • Quick Save now only asks you to overwrite if design member exists
  • Error causing AutoSize to show 0% Adequacy for all designs is fixed
  • Object Not an Instance of an Object GUI error after Auto Calc is applied fixed
  • SplitContainer not a User Control GUI error after Auto Calc is fixed

StruCalc – Not publicly released

  • Load Tracker System Added
  • Removed Overwrite Messagebox
  • Adding Default Roof and Floor Loads to Footing Module in the Load Calculator
  • Added auto importation of .pr8 file
  • Load Above now shows which Load it is linked to
  • Fixed Load Calculator and Load Tracker in Footing Module
  • Fixed Continuous footing error in Load Calculator
  • Fixed Notes error on Print Preview for Design modules
  • Quicksave now asks you about overwriting
  • Removed the saving overwrite message box and add it to the main save message box
  • Delete a project member from Project Manager updates open project list
  • Added LoadTracker to internet License, local License and Registry License
  • Design Module Error on open that sets Tributary Width to 1E-05
  • Deleting a project member now removes associated Load Tracker’s
  • StruCalc now defaults to printing notes on the print preview

StruCalc 8.0.113 – 07/01/2013

  • Fixed a non-conservative error in the column design module

StruCalc 8.0.112 – 04/04/2012

  • Autosize to Notes update
  • Print Project Summary now appears in save to pdf

StruCalc 8.0.111 – 02/08/2012

  • Column Print Preview Update
  • Autosize direct copy to notes implemented

StruCalc 8.0.110 – 01/24/2012

  • MiTek Importer compatible
  • Fixed Proxy Settings button so it is available to users who have not unlocked the software
  • Update to I-Joist reaction adequacy

StruCalc 8.0.109 – 01/18/2012

  • Update for Windows 7 64-bit user accounts
  • Cantilever deflection criteria now reflects 2X User Setting on Print Preview
  • Round member in solid sawn shows correct diameter on Print Preview
  • Added 3 1/2″ and 5 1/2″ size for all Glulam species
  • L/ on deflection reflects the adjusted length instead of the plan view length on the Print Preview
  • This patch fixes the shear moment and deflection diagrams from version 107 as well as a conservative error that caused the diagrams to error out when not reviewing the controlling cases.

StruCalc 8.0.108 – 10/31/2011

  • This patch fixes the shear moment and deflection diagrams from version 107 as well as a conservative error that caused the diagrams to error out when not reviewing the controlling cases.
  • The first patch that is compatible with StruCalc’s new Database Editor.

StruCalc 8.0.107 – 10/17/2011

  • New database with current iLevel, Boise Cacade, Pacific Woodtech, Roseburg Forest Products, Georgia Pacific, Louisina Pacific and NEW Redbuilt EWP’s
  • Minor interface updates from user input
  • Updated Hip Valley Beam module to not crash on saving and reloading
  • Added roof pitch and cantilever loads to Hip Valley beam printouts
  • Added 3 1/2″ and 5 1/2″ sizes for most Glulams
  • Updated I-Joists print previews
  • You can now add custom Tube Steel values
  • Print project with just a single member is now working
  • P.E. department updated some conservative calculations in the program based on user feedback

StruCalc 8.0.106 – 05/11/2011

  • Uplift Calc on Footings Updates

StruCalc 8.0.105 – 04/18/2011

  • Print Project Updates

StruCalc 8.0.104 – 04/11/2011

  • Print Project Summary
  • Enter proxy settings from inside the software
  • Uplift Calculations have been added to Footings
  • Project name shows up in window button when you minimize
  • Clear load buttons can now be cancelled
  • Printing Options include turning off the printing of Notes
  • Footing labels retain their correct name when switching between shapes
  • Footing and Column print outs have been updated extensively
  • Footing & Column printout allows printing large loading diagram
  • Footing printout now supports settings change from shrinkage to flexural steel
  • Printing pdf docs only requires one save and one print
  • Glulam labeling is now correct for fb+ and fb-
  • Rafter loading area printout updated
  • Project Manager updated to print correct changes to the NDS
  • Fixed punching shear calculations for plain concrete footings for small footings
  • Modified steel angle calculations and print outs to match current code
  • Fixed deflection output for VMD diagram when using steel angles
  • Fixed shear calculation bug introduced in version 1.03

StruCalc 8.0.101 – 4/29/2010

  • Settings change soil bearing pressure units from psi to psf
  • Fix overlapping boxes in the add wizard for solid sawn
  • StruCalc now saves on all modules when you close a window…no more losing calcs! Sorry about this one and thanks for your feedback to help us get it fixed!
  • Cancel button is enabled for exiting out of the program you can now choose not to exit if you haven’t saved your calcs
  • 1 foot minimum cantilever limit in floor joist module removed
  • Autosizing composite beams is now enabled
  • Turn off Cm input in column module
  • Custom entered materials in the Materials Editor now show up for design in the drop down lists specifically wasn’t working for I-Joists and Structural Composite
  • 2007 california code is now in the project manager list it was missing in this one spot
  • Added 3 hot new videos, roof beam, hip beam, and new navigation overview on main page these are great new videos with new technology check them out!
  • A conservative adequacy bug for I-joist deflections has been fixed
  • A conservative floor loaded area calculation bug where a variable was not being cleared has been fixed
  • A conservative reaction bug for center reaction percentage for multi-span I-joists has been fixed

StruCalc 8.0.100 – 6/19/2009

  • 2009 International & Residential Building Codes ADDED!!!
  • Autosize now only returns value if actually selected
  • Roof live loads for sides one and two show individual, separate values now
  • Cantilever’s of less than 1 ft are now supported
  • Multiple Glulam’s now show up on the printouts
  • Zx value for W14x61 was updated to 102
  • Negative point and trapezoidal loads are now fully supported!

StruCalc 8.0.99 – 1/28/2009

  • Auto-Size Structural Composite now works correctly

StruCalc 8.0.97 – 12/4/2008

  • Overwritable comboboxes such as live and total load, roof and floor duration factor etc. now retrieve with their saved values
  • Lite version has been enabled
  • Trial version now auto-unlocks after a purchase even if it is expired
  • Fixed column allowable compressive stress on printout, not a calculation error
  • Fixed conservative calculation bug in tube steel beams
  • Fixed bug that made notes numbers only
  • Fixed bug that wouldn’t allow foot-inch input on collar ties
  • Fixed flitch plate width to now be over-writable
  • Added a patch page to download patches if you can’t use the auto update feature go here

StruCalc 8.0.96 – 11/19/2008

  • Continuous footings now work with large font’s enabled
  • Collar Tie’s now print correctly when doing print project
  • Collar Tie’s now print correctly in loading diagram’s with very steep roof ptiches
  • Mouse no longer auto moves on top of adequacy bar. You can now mouse move over the adequacy to view the full report
  • StruCalc Video’s and Tutorial’s have been added
  • The dissapearing vmd and loading diagrams are fixed!
  • Save/Retrieve issues have been updated. Please continue sending us feedback on how you would like this system to improve

StruCalc 8.0.95 – 10/23/2008

  • StruCalc Videos now have full functionality (pause, fast forward, rewind, etc. accessible by double clicking the video
  • Program Manager Changes – Now has sort ability for members in a project, auto opens to open projects, has memory for view and sort functions defaults to what you last used, delete button now is enabled to delete members and projects
  • Fixed the design icon on the navigation bar so it doesn’t match the loading diagram
  • Roof Pitch now shows up with up to two significant figures on the print outs
  • Enter to calculate now works properly on all forms
  • F3 now shows more quickhelp when available
  • Trap Wizard now returns properly formatted numbers with two significant figures
  • The Collar Tie default deflection criteria is now 240/180
  • Clear All Loads now clears uniform live and dead loads as well
  • Fixed the web buckling ratio for 13th edition steel calcs
  • Fixed the non-snow live load calculation so you can now choose non-snow
  • Fixed a multi-span beam problem that didn’t show point loads to close to span connections
  • Online registration for 7-Day Free Trial is now avialable in this version

StruCalc 8.0.94 – 10/13/2008

  • Changed unbraced length label in column so one was lx and one was ly
  • Quickprint now only prints the VMD diagram if your print VMD diagram settings option is enabled
  • Fixed live load reduction error for 2007 California Building Code
  • Fixed I-joists so they work in the roof rafter module
  • Disabled the print button when you are in the project manager that was causing a crash

StruCalc 8.0.93 – 10/3/2008

  • Collar Tie VMD Diagram fixed to print the full width of the page
  • VMD Diagram’s now print from the quick print as well as a print button on the VMD diagram page
  • Steel Angle error fixed
  • Footing calcs required lengths and widths were off by a factor of 12 and are now fixed
  • 13th Edition steel calc error for non-compact wide flange steel has been fixed
  • Steel retrieve saved file not calculating correctly error has been fixed
  • StruCalc 8.0 Overview video called Getting Started in program NO LONGER STOPS AT 9:41

StruCalc 8.0.92 – 10/1/2008

  • Hip/Valley Beam error when turning on/off intermediate support length has been fixed
  • Removed font that was causing error 1722 uninstall your current program and then re-install from here to fix this error if you were experiencing it
  • Removed System.Net.WebException for users trying to unlock for the first time simply re-run the software and you will now be able to unlock

StruCalc 8.0.91 – 9/30/2008

  • Footing print preview and loading diagram updated short and long bars now dimension correctly
  • Collar Tie now shows collar tie wood type and on center spacing
  • Fixed some GUI crashes and print project crashes
  • Enabled some error catching in flitch plates that did not exist
  • Fixed round footings so they reload after a save correctly
  • Multiple attempts to solve installation errors on a small pecentage of computers
  • License Manager is not accessible through the utilities menu on the main toolbar in the program
  • Duration factors are turned off in steel column calculations as in StruCalc 7.0
  • Index type = 0 errror removed from steel column calculations when changing between Steel and Tube Steel
  • Large steel column calcs were changed from inch-kips to ft-kips and given one significant figure
  • Hip/Valley Beam had some errors removed when using an intermediate support with a missing reaction C
  • Hip/Valley Beam had a small calculation error difference from StruCalc 7.0 fixed

StruCalc 8.0.89

  • Fixed a crash when a member name was less than 5 letters
  • Fixed some print project issues with columns and footings
  • Major authorization revamp that should not affect existing users
  • Removed the authorization form if there are no current updates available

StruCalc 8.0.86

  • Vertical height calculations in Collar Tie Design module are now working correctly
  • The O.C. spacing for rafters and stud design now has more options for selection and can also be overwritten with any value you wish to use
  • There is now a print project! If you have an open project click File > Print Project or Ctrl + Shift + P to open a print preview of the entire project. This will include VMD diagrams if you have that option selected in your global print settings. We will expand the capabilities of this print project feature in the future as we receive feedback on it.
  • Issues with loading diagras and vmd diagrams dissapearing or crashing when switching between open members have been fixed
  • You can now copy and paste, or drag and drop members from one project to another project inside the project manager
  • Fixed some 13th edition steel values that were wrong
  • Selecting 2006 IBC no longer blanks out the steel code combobox
  • Project Manager had some functionality added for changing codes
  • You can now change the steel code from the project manager
  • Updated the design icon so its not confused with the settings icon
  • Large Font issues on large screens and overlapping controls should be resolved
  • VMD diagrams now report screen information on the navigation bar
  • Fixed large amount of navigation errors when switching between open modules
  • Added quickhelp to all forms
  • Added auto size support for point loads that are very close to span ends
  • Fixed multi-loaded multi-span beam design module to adjust loads based on span length
  • Updated all manufactured lumber stress values for new release
  • Added new manufactured lumber that became available from suppliers
  • Fixed recent projects list so it now works

Thank you for all your support and use of StruCalc we are working very hard to patch the program as often as possible and ensure that all versions get released in a timely manner. Please feel free to call or email to check on the status of your order at any time.

Adam Wilson
StruCalc Development Team