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Tech Support

Welcome to the StruCalc Technical Support page. We have tried to create the most intuitive and easy to learn structural program available but we realize that there will always be questions that cannot be answered by reading the manual. In order to provide the highest level of technical support possible we have broken our support options into parts.

For the quickest and most effective technical support please use our new partner FreshDesk. Simply click the link and create an account to start sending our technical support technicians tickets.

StruCalc FAQ’s – Check here for standard How To’s as well as answers to all our users common questions for every version we have released.

Online Interface Video Tutorials – The latest advance in StruCalc technical support. Watch how to use the software videos from our professional software developers.

Online Design Video Tutorials – The latest advance in StruCalc technical support. Watch how to design with the software videos from our professional engineers.

Email Support

As always you can email any questions to techelp@strucalc.com and receive free answers to your questions from a licensed professional engineer.  Please use “StruCalc Technical Support” in the Subject line. We will attempt to reply within one business day if possible.

Support Policy

All purchasers of our software receive immediate access to our basic tech support email line techelp@strucalc.com, online tutorials, in-program help features, free manual downloads, and computer/installation support. Basic support is valid for as long as you use our program. You will have access to one of our professional engineers and programmers on our technical support hotline who will strive to assist you in using StruCalc, project design questions, Windows support, and optimizing design time with professional engineering hints and tricks as well as access to any free downloads we release.

Office Hours

Monday-Friday 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM Pacific Standard Time