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Just a few of the many thousands of happy customers.

“Dear StruCalc………WOW..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so excited for the new version it looks GREAT….GREAT JOB!!!!!! I have been a consulting engineer since 1990 in Seattle and California and I can not wait for the final version please keep me posted.””

Jan Rohlik
Construction Technologies
Carmel, CA

“Please send the hard copy manual and CD immediately after receiving my money order. I am extremely anxious to receive my upgrade. Thank you for the wonderful software that you have developed!! It is truly GREAT!!! Please keep the STELLAR upgrades coming!!! Your software rocks!!!”

– R.D., MI

“You guys are awesome. I just got off the phone (decided I didn’t want to wait for an email answer) and before I could write to say I had my answer, you’ve already written back! Wow, that’s service.”

– G.M.

“Thanks for extending to me the opportunity to purchase this product at the Autumn Special another week. However, as you might have noticed internally, I quickly made an in-depth assessment of your product, loved it, and just before midnight last night, purchased it. I found your product more user friendly and in greater depth and capability than the others I quickly reviewed. I even ran uniform beam calculations manually to verify your product results. I found it most accurate. Good job! Thanks for the prompt reply and kind offer. Keep up the great work.”


“Hello Folks, I’m an architect, I’ve used your program for a number of years now. I just want to say that I am very happy with the program. Thanks and Best Regards,”

– J.R. AIA

“I am a member to a couple of different on-line CAD forums & I gotta tell you that a question just came up recently about which structural calculation software to look at. StruCalc was mentioned by several as being one of the best for the money and I would definitely have to agree. It has made our job much easier for sure especially when it comes to showing the building inspector. Keep up the good work. Thanks again.”

– K.S., PA

“I love the software – I use it all the time and I think it saves me tons of time and expense. Keep up the good work!!!””

– B.L., CO

“By the way, I LOVE StruCalc: it is the most user-friendly structural program I have!!”

– R.B.

“I am writing to thank you for producing such a fine product. I used to write my own beam sizing spreadsheets. I purchased Strucalc about 2-3 yrs ago at the recommendation of a colleague and I am very please with the program. Why should I spend my time writing spreadsheets when there is a simple, complete, accurate, and affordable program like Strucalc available? Thanks for doing such a great job and producing such a fine product, keep up the good work.”

– M.P., OR
“I am a structural engineer dealing with design of wood,steel,masonry and concrete structures for almost 12 years in California. I had tried numerous software programs and having Strucalc 8.0 made my design easier and faster. not to mention increasing my efficiency and accuracy of design dealing with Building and Safety Plan Check thereby increasing clients.”