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The MOST intuitive design software available for beams, columns, joists, rafters, collar ties, walls and footings.

An easy to use structural analysis software tool that aids in analysis and design using wood, steel and manufactured lumber.

Structural Analysis Software Information

StruCalc is an optimal product for residential and light commercial projects. Our company aims to bring a quality, professional software, built with strict engineering methods and specifications to every business in need of an easy to use, affordable software package. Keeping your software bottom line low is at the forethought of our company.

Created in 1993 for StruCalc engineers own in-office use, StruCalc is now used by people around the world; our users include architects, building officials, engineers, home designers, and private home owners building or remodeling their own homes. Since the early 90’s, StruCalc has been improved and upgraded based on our design experience and the needs of our customers. Today it includes fourteen separate design modules, four diagrams, easy to read one page printouts, and a Load Tracker system that significantly decreases design time in projects.

How Does It Work?

All you have to do is know the loads acting on the design you are working on. StruCalc makes it easy to choose a design module with relevant inputs for each design issue. Square, Round, Rectangular and Continuous Footings, Uniformly loaded beams, , roof beams, combination roof and floor beams, multi-loaded multi-span beams, multi-span floor beams, multi-span roof beams, floor joists, roof rafters, columns, hip/valley beams, collar ties, and walls are all available in StruCalc.


Free Online tutorials show you how we design with the program!

  • Design with Solid Sawn Lumber, Glulams, Structural Composite, I-Joists, Steel and Tube Steel
  • Footing Design – Continuous, Round, Square, Rectangular with reinforced or plain concrete
  • Column Design – Axial and lateral loads, stud design, cantilevered columns, and embedded columns
  • Beam Design – Flitch beams, hip/valley design and up to 3 spans
  • Round Member Design – Design round solid sawn lumber beams and columns
  • Collar Tie Design – Design structural composite/solid sawn collar ties and rafters including nailing requirements
  • Rafter/Joist Design – Includes cantilevered I-joists and web stiffener specification
  • Steel Angle Design – Equal and unequal steel angle legs
  • Uses 2015 International Building Code, 2015 National Design Specification, and the 14th Edition AISC steel calculations
  • Includes fourteen unique design modules to minimize data input and speed up the design process
  • Quickly find member sizes using StruCalc™ AutoSize function
  • Interactive shear/moment/deflection and loading diagrams
  • Single Page Graphical Output – Print entire projects using the project manager
  • Enter custom materials using the materials database editor
  • Quick and easy license authorization and online license management gets you up and running in minutes
  • In program QuickHelp helps you design as you move around the screen
  • Free online video tutorials, manuals, and technical .pdf’s